Show up post treatment!

Here’s a video that was made by rethink breast cancer featuring Laura and I.

I wrote a bit about how to show up post treatment:

The ugly truth: Cancer = Loss

No matter how much pink you dress it up in, healing from cancer is a painful process. Side effects from treatment have both a physical and emotional impact. Post treatment, Laura appeared well, but underneath she was struggling with fatigue, pain, memory loss, lymphedema, chemically-induced menopause and the knowledge that her life is shortened by her illness. This is an ugly truth that’s generally avoided. People tend to dislike talking about grief and loss. They avoid it in their own lives and avoided it with us.

What to do?

Check your assumptions

Cancer changes people. What someone could or would do before they went through treatment might not be the same after. Everything mentioned above has an impact. Give people time to heal. Let them set an agenda for themselves. Frequently people will try to get back to how they were pre-treatment. If you see them stumbling, find ways to help lighten their load.

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